Kushner Firm Gets $90 Million From Secret Foreign Source

The Guardian reports that Cadre, a real estate firm partly owned by President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner recently received $90 million in secret foreign funding. Kushner currently works at the White House as Trump’s Senior Adviser and is a pointman for many of Trump administration’s foreign policy positions. You will remember he was even tasked with solving the Middle East Conflict.

It therefore comes as no surprise that there are conflict of interest concerns being raised about the secret foreign $90 million pumped into his firm given his White House job. Any reasonable person would have concerns as to whether these secret foreign funds are being used to influence Kushner’s foreign policy decisions.

It is precisely for this reason that public officials are strongly advised to fully divest from businesses that might create an appearance of impropriety/appearance of a conflict of interest. Contrary to popular belief, divestiture is actually meant for the public official’s own good and not “punishment” as many people look at it.

Kushner did not divest from Cadre upon assuming his White House job. He must therefore address the legitimate conflict of interest questions brought about by the secret foreign $90 million pumped into his company. Was any of that pay for play? Sorry Kushner, you can avoid such questions by fully divesting from Cadre.

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