IRS Commissioner’s Conflict Of Interest Re Trump’s Tax Returns

In yet another bombshell revelation from ethics watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington(CREW), we now find out that President Trump’s handpicked IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig, who’s rebuffing Congressional demands for Trump’s tax returns, owns real estate at a Trump-branded property in Hawaii that has reportedly netted him more than $1 million in rental income since 2006.

According to CREW, Rettig acquired two one-bedroom condos at Trump International Waikiki in 2006 and has earned roughly $1 million income from the properties in rent and royalties. You’ll remember President Trump made a promotional stop at his Waikiki property in 2017. Commissioner Rettig apparently did not disclose this glaring conflict of interest at his confirmation hearing before Congress.

Needless to say, this is a glaring conflict of interest that casts in totally different/negative light Rettig’s refusal to release Trump’s tax returns. A credible argument can be made in light of this bombshell revelation, that in hiding Trump’s tax returns, Commissioner Rettig is by extension also hiding his own financial dealings from the public. Commissioner Rettig’s personal conflict of interest regarding Trump’s tax returns can only be cured if (1) he releases the tax returns so the public can see exactly what he owns at Trump International Waikiki or (2)he steps down as IRS Commissioner.

Bottom line folks, as Yours Truly has repeatedly stated before, the brazen corruption of the Trump administration is not normal and the only way we can prevent him and his cronies from normalizing it is if we scream about it. Where, as here, it has been shown that the IRS Commissioner is earning rental income from real estate at a Trump branded property, then his motives for refusing to release Trump’s tax returns must be reexamined due to the glaring conflict of interest. Reasonable people will agree that this conflict of interest is so grave that it can only be cured by the IRS Commissioner releasing Trump’s tax returns or alternatively, relinquishing his post.

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  1. Another crooked s o b just think if a middle class person did this they would be in prison where you and trumper will end up

  2. Another reason for trump’s impeachment, his bring other crooks into the administration, who help him hide his crimes. They all should be locked up or executed.

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