Who Are The Mysterious Traders Who Made $1.8 Billion From Trump’s China Pronouncement?

There was a bombshell revelation by The Independent recently that mysterious traders placed stock trades right before President Trump announced resumption of trade talks with China resulting in a staggering $1.8 billion gain for the traders. Naturally this has sparked speculation by many, including Yours Truly, of insider trading by these mysterious traders.

Any reasonable person presented with these set of facts would conclude that there’s at least an appearance of insider trading by these mysterious traders and because insider trading is a crime in the U.S., a serious inquiry must be conducted into these traders’ identity. The only way to remove any appearance of insider trading by these traders is if (1) their true identity was established and (2) it was established that they have zero connection to Trump or any member of his administration that would have had advance knowledge of his China pronouncement.

Simply put folks, there needs to be a serious investigation into this bombshell piece because as it currently stands, the public is left with the impression that people, potentially the President himself, are profiting from his wild public remarks. An investigation into this would not only quell public concerns about this issue, but would also clear up the appearance of impropriety on the President’s part. Put another way, it is in everybody’s interest that such an inquiry is conducted.

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