236th Day Trump Has Steered Taxpayer Dollars Towards His Golf Course

Today we learned that President Trump visited his Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia which makes it the 236th day he has steered taxpayer dollars towards one of his golf courses and the latest example of him abusing his office for personal enrichment.

This comes at a time when the impeachment inquiry is heating up with Democrats calling for Trump’s corrupt dealings to be included in the articles of impeachment. Democrats should definitely not close the door on incorporating Trump’s corruption into the final articles of impeachment.

It also bears pointing out that Trump’s recent rash decision that is leading to our Kurdish allies getting slaughtered in the Middle East has angered many Senate Republicans and his very reliable White Evangelical voting block.

It is too early to tell whether anger over the needless slaughter of the Kurds will cause Senate Republicans to finally abandon Trump and vote for his removal from office after he is impeached at the House.

One only hopes that Senate Republicans angered by Trump’s senseless betrayal of our Kurdish allies will also start addressing his corrupt dealings chief among them, his constant steering of taxpayer dollars towards his businesses.

Bottom line folks a line has to be drawn somewhere regarding Trump’s constant steering of taxpayer dollars towards his businesses. Articles of impeachment regarding Trump’s corruption would certainly go a long way towards forcing a real debate around this issue even if the Senate ultimately votes to keep him in office.

Simply put, Yours Truly would pay to watch Republican Senators going on the record to defend taxpayer funds being spent on Trump’s properties. That would be a sight to behold!!

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