306th Day Trump Has Steered Taxpayer Dollars Towards His Properties

Trump’s violations of the U.S. Constitution’s emoluments clause are at an unprecedented level and already the subject of several federal lawsuits. Any other U.S. President at this juncture would have been embarrassed by this glaring appearance of impropriety into either (1) immediately divesting from any and all businesses he currently holds or (2) stopping visits to his own properties that necessitate spending of tax dollars there.

This is what any other similarly situated U.S. President (former businessman) would have done. Sadly, none of those other U.S. Presidents are Donald Trump. Just today we’ve found out that he is visiting his Golf Club, making this the 233rd time he has visited his Golf Club and the 306th time he has visited one of his properties while President. Needless to say, all these visits mean taxpayer dollars end up being spent at his properties–money that goes directly to him and his family. This is the kind of blatant and shocking corruption Americans only used to see in third world dictatorships.

It is very clear that Trump believes nothing can be done about his blatant emoluments clause violations, which is why he continues to rack up violations. Luckily, journalists like Kyle Griffin and others are keeping tabs of these visits and hopefully, the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on them. We can all agree that Trump is not going be President forever. Rest assured therefore that at the appropriate time, we will push for every single taxpayer dollar Trump inappropriately steered towards his business be put back into government coffers. Yes Trump, at the appropriate time, we will push to have you refund all the tax dollars you inappropriately steered towards your businesses.

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