Ronna McDaniel Helping Trump Pocket RNC Money

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel

Troubling Huffington Post piece exposes how the Republican National Committee (RNC) under Ronna McDaniel is increasingly spending money at Trump’s properties across the nation, essentially lining Trump’s pockets. It is well known, certainly to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, that Trump never fully divested from his business interests when he became President in 2016. Therefore Ronna McDaniel cannot turn around and say she doesn’t know that by holding RNC events at Trump’s properties, she is essentially lining Trump’s pockets. This is, to use Sen Elizabeth Warren’s famous wording, “corruption, plain and simple.”

According to the Huffington Post piece, during the first two years of Trump’s presidency, RNC spent $1.3 million at Trump properties. Now that the Emoluments Clause debate is front and center after Vice President Mike Pence’s Ireland scandal, one can only hope that the mainstream media will finally confront Chair McDaniel and ask her to justify RNC spending at Trump’s properties.

Bottom line folks, as Yours Truly has repeatedly stated before, the brazen corruption of the Trump administration is not normal and the only way we can prevent him and his cronies from normalizing it is if we scream about it. It’s about time someone screamed about RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel’s plains and simple corruption!!

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