Air Force Implicated In Trump’s Emoluments Clause Violations

A bombshell piece by Politico’s Natasha Bertrand says U.S. Air Force Crews have been making unusual stops at Trump’s Turnberry Resort in Scotland. This of course means someone higher up in the U.S. Air Force is steering taxpayer dollars towards Trump’s Scottish property, and according to Natasha Bertrand, violating the domestic emoluments clause. This report comes on the heels of a similar explosive revelation that Vice President Mike Pence on a recent official visit to Ireland, went out of his way(3 hours away) to stay at Trump’s Irish resort–essentially steering taxpayer funds towards Trump’s Irish property

MSNBC’s AM Joy show dug deeper into this explosive Air Force story with the author of the bombshell Politico piece, the aforementioned Natasha Bertrand (one of Yours Truly’s MSM faves)

Natasha Bertrand said on AM Joy show, “This could also be a violation of the domestic emoluments clause because the President, other than his own salary, is not supposed to get any kind of money from the federal government. So the fact that the U.S. military seems to be spending money at Trump’s resort seems to be in direct violation of that..”

Here’s what you must not miss from Bertrand’s bombshell Politico piece–Trump’s corruption in a nutshell. It all boils down to this folks–before Trump became President, his Turnberry Resort in Scotland was seriously struggling financially. There is a small airport 30 miles from the resort that is key to the resort’s economic survival. By having Air Force crews stopping at this airport, Trump is not only propping up the airport by the infusion of U.S. tax dollars, but because the Air Force crews end up spending the night at his resort, the resort also benefits from U.S. tax dollars. Essentially, the U.S. military is being used to profit Trump and his family–a clear cut domestic emoluments clause violation

Several other interesting tidbits came up from the AM Joy segment namely;

That there could be national security implications because according to Natasha Bertrand, “just because the U.S. military is doing this doesn’t mean others [foreign governments] aren’t taking cues from that.”

That the Pentagon is stonewalling efforts by Congress to get to the bottom of who authorized these unusual stops at Trump Turnberry Scotland.

Bottom line folks, whoever in the U.S. Air Force authorized these unusual stops at Trump Turnberry has to go. The U.S. military is way too important and greatly revered by Americans of all political stripes. Consequently, the military cannot engage in or be perceived to be engaging in such corrupt conduct. Simply put, the U.S. military has been a very honorable institution way before Trump became President and must be allowed to remain the same even after his exit, whether that be in 2020 or 2024.

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