Pompeo’s State Dept Complicit In Pence’s Corruption

You’ve heard about the fallout from Vice President Mike Pence’s recent visit to Ireland where he sought out a Trump property three hours away from Dublin, where he was scheduled to hold an official visit. Many including Yours Truly did not mince words and called this exactly what it was–a naked attempt by VP Pence to steer taxpayer funds towards Trump’s Irish property, the quintessential public corruption.

Well it turns out Dem Senator and 2020 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has introduced an interesting little nugget to VP Pence’s Ireland scandal. Sen Warren wants to know the extent of Pompeo’s State Department’s involvement in VP Pence’s Ireland scandal.

In a sternly worded letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Sen Warren wrote, “I am writing to request information regarding recent reports that Vice President Mike Pence patronized President Donald Trump’s Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Doonbeg while in Ireland – at the ‘suggestion’ of the President. This transaction – another example of what appears to be open corruption in this administration – deepens my concerns about the ongoing ethics issues related to the President’s continued financial relationship with the Trump Organization and the abuse of taxpayer funds to enrich the President and his family through their business interests.”

Senator Warren, whose Presidential campaign appeared very shaky in the beginning prompting some mainstream media pundits to even suggest that she drop out, has since steadily caught steam in large part due to her “I can fix that” attittude. Americans have always been favorable to a “can do” attitude so it’s perfectly understandable why a lot of Dem primary voters are increasingly getting drawn into Sen Warren’s campaign. Hopefully Sen Warren has a “fix” for what appears to be unfettered corruption by the Trump administration. Given her stern letter to Sec Pompeo over VP Pence’s corruption, it is fair to assume that she’s serious about “fixing” the Trump-inspired corruption in Washington.

Bottom line folks, as Yours Truly has repeatedly stated before, the brazen corruption of the Trump administration is not normal and the only way we can prevent him and his cronies from normalizing it is if we scream about it. It is especially heartwarming to hear someone as highly placed as Sen Warren screaming loudly about this brazen corruption. Way to go Sen Warren. Fix this!!

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