VP Pence Steering Taxpayer Funds Towards Trump Property

Vice President Mike Pence was recently scolded for choosing to stay at a Trump property in Ireland that was three hours away from the capital Dublin where he was scheduled to hold official visits. Washington and many in the mainstream media were rightly outraged at the way VP Pence went out of his way to seek out a Trump property three hours away from Dublin–essentially steering taxpayer funds towards the property. This is one of the most egregious kinds of public corruption and the public was right to be outraged.

No credible argument can be made that VP Pence could not find suitable accomodation in Dublin for himself and his entourage. Pence’s decision to seek out Trump’s property three hours away was nothing more than a brazen attempt to ingratiate himself to Trump, who by all reasonable standards is using the presidency to enrich himself and his family. There are also reports that Trump himself suggested that VP Pence stay at his Irish property, which the already subservient Pence likely interpreted as a direct order.

Bottom line folks, the levels of corruption we are witnessing from the Trump administration have never been seen in any previous U.S. administration. The very fact that Trump to this day refuses to release his tax returns is in itself a testament to the lengths he would go to hide his shady financial dealings from the public. It was therefore very refreshing to hear the swift condemnation of VP Pence’s conduct by his peers in Washington, the mainstream media and indeed social media especially Twitter. The brazen corruption of the Trump administration is not normal and the only way we can prevent him and his cronies from normalizing it is if we scream about it.

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