After the abrupt resignation of National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn new questions are surfacing as to whether newly minted U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions can impartially handle any resultant investigations. Specifically, there are valid questions as to whether as a member of the Trump campaign himself, he can impartially investigate any collusion between his former campaign colleagues and the Russians. Several media outlets have raised this question but it's yet to get the serious attention it deserves.   
Rachel Maddow of MSNBC did a segment on this topic with Rep. Adam Schiff(D-CA). In the segment, Senator Chuck Schumer(D-NY) stated:"Gen. Flynn's resignation is not the end of the story, it is merely the beginning. There needs to be an independent and transparent investigation. The White House counsel cannot lead this investigation and the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions cannot be the person to lead that investigation..." 
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Senator Kamala Harris(D-CA) also chimed in on this issue via Twitter
Bottom line Gen. Flynn's Russian scandal raises serious national security questions that cannot be surrendered to regular Washington politicking(hyper partisan Congressional Committees). Americans will only get to the bottom of this through an independent and bipartisan committee, a sentiment already expressed by Senator Lindsey Graham(R-SC). AG Jeff Sessions cannot be an independent arbiter in any such investigations. The media should have him explain to Americans why he believes he should not recuse himself given his proximity to the subject matter.
Yours Truly is fully aware that this blog is dedicated to "Emoluments Clause" enthusiasts. Because my readers and followers on Twitter are highly intelligent, I will go ahead and preempt the inevitable question, "What does this have to do with Emoluments Clause?". Well investigations/Hearings surrounding POTUS and his campaign staffers have the potential of netting his elusive tax returns, which are crucial for the "Emoluments Clause" movement. AG Sessions is probably going to be involved with any such investigations. Consequently he is crucial to the "Emoluments Clause" movement.
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02/25/2017 2:05am

I really agree with your sentiments. Hopefully, the congressional committee looks much further into this matter. I'm really eager to find out more about this issue. I believe that the investigation that happened wasn't really focused on solving the real issue. You are truly knowledgeable about this matter and I hope to read more about this news.

05/24/2017 8:09am

Why it's so important to investigate that? I want to know more about this situation.

07/11/2017 12:31pm

I want to know more about this case. I need some details right now to understand it better.


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